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Our Story

Kaisei Ryu or “Ocean Spirit” Ju Jitsu is predominantly a traditional style of Japanese Ju Jitsu with modern influences incorporating some Kawaishi style Judo.

Kaisei Ryu beginings can be traced back to Mikonosuke Kawaishi who introduced the art to Europe and was then brought to Australia in 1959 by Geoff Geurts. This style was taught to Reg Ellis who subsequestly started Sakura Ryu Ju Jitsu in Queensland, Australia. One of his Black belt sudents Sensei Tony Vandenhurk opened a school in Sydney in 1997. Sensei's Michelle and Paul Jones began training under Sensei Tony in 1998 obtaining their Black belts (Shodan) in 2006.

In 2010 the school was renamed Kaisei Ryu Ju Jitsu and the syllabus aligned to be more accesable to all students under the expert guidance of Proffesor Ray Lea (10th Dan) 

This system has been formulated to provide a complete form of modern self defence while still maintaining its traditional values.

Kaisei Ryu proudly has 8 black belts under Sensei Tony (4th Dan) and currently has a school in Hong Kong run under Sensei Paul Jones (3rd Dan -Kaisei Ryu Chief instructor) and Sensei Michelle Jones (2nd Dan) 

The school in Australia is run under Sensei Zanda Hoffmann (2nd Dan) and BJJ black belt.

The schools are supported by many of the black belts instructors

Techniques include striking, throwing, breakfalls, joint locks and manipulation, grappling and weapons defences.

Our style of Jujitsu is ideal for developing physical fitness and strength, coordination, discipline, honour, respect, as well as a complete understanding of self defence principles.

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