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What They’re Saying

I started doing Ju Jitsu for the 1st time when the school first opened in Hong Kong. Sensei Paul and Sensei Michelle were great at helping me throughall the moves (even though I thought I would hurt them) and helping me build my confidence in self defence and my fitness level. I look forward to the twice weekly sessions and was very proud to recently earn my Blue Belt.

Caroline Hames

I began my journey in martial arts with Kaisei Ryu Ju Jitsu three years ago. What makes Kaisei Ryu unique from any other school is that it is first and foremost a platform for Sensei Paul and Sensei Michelle to share their passion for Martial arts, this shines through in their knowlege, teaching and commitment to each student both on and off the mats. To anyone who is interested in taking up a form of martial arts, I can highly reccomend Kaisei Ryu Ju Jitsu.

Neil Marwick

I've been participating in the classes for over 2 years.Its has been an amazing journey which I will be continuing indefinintly. The classes offer great physical training and very well explained traditional Ju Jitsu techniques, great for self defence or adding to your martial arts skill set.

Sensei Paul and Sensei Michelle are highly qualified martial artists, 3rd and 2nd Dan respectively plus many other disciplines, that make them knowledgeable and excellent teachers. 

I highly recommend Ju Jitsu classes for anyone interested in self defence or starting and/or continuing their martial arts adventure.

These classes are the highlight of my week! 


My two boys started doing Ju Jitsu in Hong Kong for the 1st time ages 8 and 10. It has been a fun new sport that has helped them learn dicipline and build confidence . The classes are fun and yet still strict enough and the kids know when to work hard, both my boys have now moved up to the adults classes and are working hard to train with bigger people and earn their next belt


I was looking to start my daughter and myself to get back into martial arts and having looked around the area for a school that would provide a friendly learning environment for her to learn and seek instruction from commited instructors. I found this with Kaisei Ryu Ju Jitsu. I have a background in similair styles and Ju Jitsu is an art that is both defensive and offensive. An art that I have really enjoyed learning and my daughter has also taken a liking to. The instructors, Michelle a 2nd Dan Black belt and Paul a 3rd Dan Black belt are very knowlegable and always have the time to work through techniques. Their Junior school is a fantastic positive learning environment where the children both learn and have fun. Ju Jitsu is a great way to get fit while learning some valuable skills. I highly recommend Kaisei Ryu Ju Jitsu to anyone who is thinking of starting training.

Nick Skewes

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